Von Ruden Manufacturing

Home of the Roll Seal hydraulic motor and gear boxes.  Extreme efficiency at low speed with no cogging.  Hydraulic motor brakes also available.

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Hydraulics International Inc.

H.I.I. manufactures defense ground support equipment including ammunition loading systems, aircraft hydraulic system testing, aircraft cabin pressure testing, power systems, environmental control systems, military trailers, high pressure gas and liquid systems, flow measuring equipment, and logistics and support services.

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SPX Stone (formerly Fener) Hydraulics

This includes their hydraulic pumps, motors and other components used in hydraulic power units. The SPX Stone Hydraulics website provides a complete catalog of their products.

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White Drive Products (formerly White Hydraulics)

Supplies low-speed high-torque motors, spring-applied pressure release brakes, brake release hand pumps, and closed-loop hydrostatic drive piston pumps for mobile hydraulic drive applications. It offers hydraulic motors, brakes, and pumps; stand-alone brakes; flow dividers, gerotor motors, gearboxes, and manifolds; and accessories, including brake release pumps and sensor testers.

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Lenz Hydraulic Solutions & Manufacturing

Manufactures complete lines of pressure gauges, hoses, tank accessories, strainers and filters.

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Brennan industries

Brennan produces high quality hydraulic fittings perfect for most applications.  Their website provides a complete product list.

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Bucher Hydraulics' Command Controls

Command Controls manufactures a complete line of state-of-the-art high pressure (5,000 P.S.I. rating), high performance screw in cartridge type hydraulic control valves. Command Controls specializes in the innovation of cartridge style hydraulic control valves, with the ability to provide over 10,000 different valve combinations.

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Quick Nautical Equipment

The range of Quick® accessories includes a vast selection of products such as the latest generation of control boards for windlasses, battery isolators, various types of push buttons
and circuit breakers, bilge pumps, and so forth. All products are designed and built to guarantee perfect and reliable operation in marine environments.

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