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Hydraulic Solutions

PDTI offers a full range of innovative hydraulic systems designs.  We specialize in desigining custom hydraulic circuits meant to tailor to individual customer needs.  Our designs are streamlined to remove inefficiencies, lower costs, and reduce installation time.  Paired with our electrical controls, PDTI can provide your complete a turn-key system all from one source.

We design and produce our own hydraulic manifolds in many different configurations and for many different functions.  This allows us to create compact systems which reduces the number of potential leak points and requires fewer hoses and less tubing.  Specially designed manifolds also allow us to avoid unnecessary machine work such as unused valve cavities that can drive up costs.

For more information, send a request on our Contact page or call (727) 781-1924. We offer factory direct pricing on these and other systems

Hydraulic units

Our hydraulic units are custom made and tested at our facility prior to shipping for quality and safety purposes. Our warranty covers parts, labor, and standard return shipping one year from the day of shipping.

Legacy Units

We at PDTI stock the parts and can also completely replace older transom lift marine hydraulic units with more updated versions for less than most units are new!

Electrical Controls

PDTI provides cutting edge electrical control expertise.  We produce our electrical control systems specifically for each hydraulic system we make so compatibility issues are a thing of the past.  Our designs are focused on removing inefficiencies from the circuit and producing a reliable, safe, and cost effective system.

We use technology such as Smart Relays and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) to both reduce the number of components in the control box and to reduce the size of the control box needed.  The PLCs use a simple ladder logic programming language that controls inputs and outputs and functions like a series of relays.

Update your old controls

We replace all the GHS controls, 12V or 24V, all models included even like this with a totally plug and play alternative that is far more weather resistant.  Our wireless controls come standard with a 50 meter range
without an external antennae. If you add the external antennae option your range will be up to 300 meters. Our wireless key fob controllers are also completely waterproof  they even float(ip67)! These wireless controllers are the most reliable verzions to date.

Please take time to check them out!

The hard wired controllers are also water proof and have a High Output
LED flashlight option.